Uno Visits Los Angeles...October 2008    


Uno had a great weekend in Los Angeles, his first venture on to the Hollywood red carpet.  I took him to LA where he was a special guest at the Lili Claire Foundation Gala on Saturday night.  On Friday afternoon he visited the LA Ronald McDonald House.  He spent a couple of hours there and was filmed by “Faithful Friends” for one of their upcoming shows (Jan or Feb) on Animal Planet. The young boy in the picture is from Russia, he has been here eight months, lost a leg, and is learning English.  He was a good kid.  Uno was, as always, happy and engaging and beloved.

On Saturday night, it was off to the Santa Monica Civic Center for the Lili Claire Foundation Gala, hosted by Matthew Perry.  Uno walked the red carpet with all the stars, ended up on E Network some time over the weekend.  He had his own table in the reception area and was there to accept pets and hugs for about an hour.  I suppose there were about 1,000 people at the event.  He was allowed in the dinner area, and only barked twice.  He got to meet Matthew, Brad Garrett, Bradley Whitford, David Spade, Jennifer Garth … and was walked back out to the red carpet at one point by Shari Belafonte.   News Article Link

Photos and above information shared by David Frei




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