Uno and David Visits Ronald McDonald Houses Around the Country....   


Ronald McDonald House Milwaukee

They do not have a therapy dog program at the House right now, and have not allowed dogs.  Today may have changed that, thanks in part to what you see in the “UNO with leash” photo below.  This photo is certainly one of the greatest we have ever had, I saw it happen and was just praying that someone captured it in a photo.  10 month old little girl …

This is what UNO is all about now.  Winning at WKC opened this door and he will be making a difference in the lives of children, the families and others for a lot of years … God bless him, seeing this happen, and then seeing it in this shot brings me to tears. 

The Angel on a Leash program was recognized at the WKC 2009 Show.  Watch and hear some very wonderful comments about Uno and how he has touched the lives of many people while working with David and Angel on a Leash:  (video link)



Ronald McDonald House St. Louis  (video link)

Photos and above information shared by David Frei


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